Interconnect and Power Supply

DSC01457This is a breakout board for feeding the rain bucket  and solar sensor signal into the cabling at any point between the base station and the wind tree. The USB connector is to power the system if it is more convenient to feed the power somewhere along the path to the wind tree as opposed to feeding it directly to the base .

A regulated USB power supply is recommended for the power supply.  These devices can be bought for less than $5 on e-bay.  The maximum voltage the board and sensors can be exposed to is 5.5VDSC01459.

The circular board is the distribution board for the wind tree. It brings out the connections for Wind-speed, Wind-Direction and Solar and is housed in the bottom of the wind tree.

A complete station without a aspiration fan consumes 7/8 of a Watt .

For a overview of interconnect  and cabling options see here.