WiFi Internet Weather Station DIY kit

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Main Board and Sensors

High Resolution Wind Speed Sensor

  • Directly uploads to PWS  services,  no additional hardware or software required.
  • On board WiFi interface connects straight to the internet.
  • On board web interface for local or remote display with 0.5 sec. update interval.
  • Supports W-Underground, CWOP/APRS, APRS-RF,Weatherbug, PWS  and WOW/Metoffice
  • Stand alone operation, no server required, no recurring monthly fees.
  • High resolution sensor solutions for  2 second PWS upload interval.
  • All solid state sensors,  no contacts or potentiometers to wear out.
  • Configurable sensor interface allowing hook up of existing wind, sun & rain sensors.
  • Remote monitoring and control  of things with 10 inputs  & 10 outputs.
  • Remote monitoring of three voltages 0-15Volt.
  • On board mail client for alarms via SMS or Email.
  • Expansion  pins  for custom shields.
  • Consumes less than 1 Watt, can be operated from battery and solar  panel.

Check out the live station display at my house !


High Res Wind Direction Sensor


Bottom with WiFi module with connectors for sensors


Top: Humidity and Barometer sensors. Bottom Solar sensor


DIY FARS, positive aspirated sensor housing for Barometer, Temperature and Hygrometer.


Anemometer with Optical Sensor and Sapphire bearing.


13 thoughts on “WiFi Internet Weather Station DIY kit

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      Glad you liked the article

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    • Yes it can! I’m using an Acurite bucket myself. I connected two wires to the reed contact inside the Acurite bucket and brought it out of the housing and to the input of the station. Whenever the tipping mechanism flips it causes the switch to close momentarily which crates a pulse on the wires. The wire goes a couples of feet from the bucket to my weather station post out in the yard. The original wireless signaling to the Acutite LCD display still works as well. The station software has a calibration feature where you can set the number of counts per inch. Usually they are calibrated at 100 counts per inch, but my unit initially was a bit off at around 145 counts per inch.

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