Weather Underground Registration

To report into the Weather Underground network you will need to register a station identifier.  You will probably first have to sign up for a Weather Underground login.  Not to worry, it’s free.

After you sign in  proceed to register a station. Pull down your name on the top line  and click on “My Weather Stations”.  On the following page you will see  a section titled “Add a Station” with a section of a Google map below.

Once you  entered the station properties you get an station ID , KEY, and the altitude which you will need to transfer to the  Station Configuration page  of your unit.  Make sure the altitude given is correct as it affects the barometer compensation.

To enable the station to send data to Weather Underground you need to go to your local station’s web page and click on the “Configuration” button. You will be asked for the stations login and password, which is “admin”,”admin” unless you have changed it.

On the following page click on “Station” and enter the station ID give to you by WU. This is an all uppercase string with one or more digits at the end.  Beware of the common error of mistaking  the letter “O” for a zero or the other way around.  There are no leading zeroes in the ID.

Enter  the station KEY into the Password field. The key is an 8 digit hexadecimal number randomly assigned by WU. make sure that there are no leading or trailing spaces when you enter this, especially when using cut and paste it’s easy to cut a few extra spaces.

Enter the altitude of the station.  This should be the altitude where the air-data sensors sits. So if you are 3 stories up from the ground add that altitude into the elevation you get from the map, otherwise the barometer reading will not be properly compensated.

Lastly you should check the “Reporting” box to enable sending at least Temperature  and Barometer readings to WU.

After hitting the save button you need to reset the device. The barometer compensation is only evaluated once during boot-up .