How to find the station interface on your network

One the station is connected to your WiFi you have a couple of ways you can use to find  the station  on your network so you can interact with it through the web interface.

  1. Try calling it from the browser  via the Netbios name http://wxboard/
  2. Using the TCPIP Discovery tool
  3. Using the Bootstrap tool in Monitor mode and note the assigned IP address
  4.  You can connect to the station with a terminal emulator.

If calling the station via it’s netbios name doesn’t get you to the station interface try number 2 and 3.

The TCPIP Discovery tool included in the file. Use the Java application TCPIP_Discovery.jar to discover the station. You can click on the IP address or Netbios field and  your web browser will open with the  web interface of the station. The java run time environment must be installed on the PC to execute the .jar file.

If the station doesn’t right away  show up in the discovery tool , press reset momentarily on the board while the discovery tool is still running. It will then show after the station has finished booting.

You can use the Bootstrap tool you used to configure the Wifi credetial onto you station and run it in Monitor mode.  After you pressed the monitor button press the reset button on the station momentarily and then observe the boot diagnostic trail on the monitor tool. Pay attention to the line  “Internet Address” , then use that address  in your browser to call the station.  Enter the address on the browser address bar like so (replace the number with what your boot log showed!).

You could also just connect a terminal emulator tool  to the COM port spawned by the station and observer the boot process looking for the “Internet Address”, but using this you have to first find the COM port associated with the device and set the baud rate to 38K 8n1 manually.