The station consists of one main board with the WiFi module mounted on the  back side,  4 individual sensor modules and 2 interconnect boards.  Not all modules need necessarily be present. For example a minimal system could consist of nothing more than the system board and the Barometer , Hygrometer & Temp sensor.

The system is designed so that the main board and the 3 basic sensors are expected to be somewhat near, between a few inches to about 20 feet.  This separation is done to prevent the temperature reading of being influence by the heat from the main board.   The  rest of the sensors are connected through a  CAT5 cable.  While the main board has inputs for power, rain and solar sensors  an optional breakout board provides secondary inputs for solar, power and rain  along the path to the wind tree.

A suitable enclosure of the main board  is essential and needs to be considered part of a minimal system in order to report correct  temperature and humidity readings.  Many different types of enclosure can be used as long as they shield properly from direct sun exposure,  are well ventilated and don’t hold or soak up water.  A DC outlet for an aspiration fan is provided on the main board.

The WiFi module comes with a built in omnidirectional PCB antenna and therefore the enclosure must not be made of metal, however there is a version of the WiFi module that provides an external antenna which can be special ordered.

For an overview of interconnect  and cabling options see here.

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