Wind Speed Sensor

IMG_1522This is the high resolution wind speed sensor based on an optical reflective interrupt sensor.  The little black chip on the round sensor board is an IR transmitter / receiver pair. The white face of the interrupter wheel reflects the beam back and a pulse is created.  Eight pulses per revolution provide enough resolution that within a one second capture window we can resolve wind speeds down to 0. 1 mile/h.

The mechanical parts are similar to the wind vane. A bearing housing with two ball bearings does the trick.  The actual anemometer cups are replacement parts from Davis Instruments Vantage Vue  station and the revolution /minute / mile of wind is known per spec.  The two halves of the housing are sealed and held together with a section of black Gorilla tape. The lower part fits directly onto a 3/4″ PVC pipe.


I have transitioned to the mechanical movements from Inspeed now for both wind sensors since obtaining the vane and cups from Davis Instruments proved to be a real pain.   The same electronics is used in the Inspeeds mechanisms and there  is a 3/4″ PVC pipe adapter available  for mounting. See the download section for specs.DSC01714