USB Bootloader

The station features an USB boot-loader with which the firmware can be updated if need be.   In order to connect to the USB port  the Cp2104 device driver needs to be installed on the PC.  See discussion on USB Bootrapping for details on how to set that up.

The boot loader consist of two parts, a piece of firmware inside the device and a Windows.Net  GUI application .

The boot loader state  can be entered by holding  switch S2 while pressing  Reset momentarily, then releasing S2.  On  board revisions B.1 and above the boot-loader  state is automatically entered when  the  Windows application starts.

The PC WX_bootloaderGui  application can be downloaded here.  Extract the files to a location on your disc and execute WX_BootloaderGui.exe .  Depending on your operating system you will get some warnings about unsigned application and potential for virus.  Depending on your browser you might even get these warnings when clicking on the download button.

The boot-loader application is pretty self explanatory, there are only 3 buttons to push.

  • Locate        Finds the device and it’s associated COM port
  • Import       Validates and loads a firmware hex file into the bootloader realm
  • Program    Erases, Programs and Validates the device

The firmware can be downloaded here.