The  Wunder-Weather-Station is an  environment monitoring device that, through a web  interface, feeds weather related data directly into  various Personal Weather Station data ingestion and dissemination networks.

For example, Weather-Underground records and re-displays the data thus providing access to real time and historical data of each station. Furthermore the current conditions are displayed on a Geo-located map which incorporates other weather products such as radar returns and satellite imagery. A continuously updating Flash GUI plays the current condition back and can be incorporated into any 3rd party website as an up-to-date  station read out.

CWOP ( Citizen Weather Observation Program) collects the data , forwards it to MADIS  where the data is quality checked and if found good and proper used by NOAA.

The hardware is designed for  short interval, yet high resolution  sensor readings . Depending on the PWS service used the update rate can be configured between 5 minutes (CWOP) down to  2 Seconds for Wunder-Underground.

As a self contained system,  about the size of a credit card, no other computing equipment or  software is required. A built in web based GUI provides a local interface to the station which can be made accessible to the world  through a Dynamic Domain Name Server such as Free-DNS.org  or similar.  The entire system runs on less than 1 Watt from an USB wall adapter, cell phone charger or solar panel with battery backup.

In addition to the weather station function, the system also provides site monitoring features such as remote control, remote sensing, and alarms.  There are 10 digital inputs, 9 digital outputs  and 3 analog inputs.  A subset of the  inputs can be configured so that an alarm is sent via e-mail or  SMS when the alarm condition is met. The  pin-out of the main board allows for expansion modules for things such as a secondary wireless sensor system or power switches for remote  controlled appliances.

The system is completely stand alone. There are no remote servers involved, no cloud computing, and no service contract to enter.

For remote locations where no WIFI connection exists, a 3G/4G cellphone hotspot can be used to create a local MiFi network that the station can connect through.

The system is partially DIY  and open HW/SRC in nature.  Instructions and material list are provided to construct a suitable enclosure and build up a wind tree from the components provided.  Self made wind sensor, or existing sensors from other weather stations can easily be connected to the system and configured/calibrated for proper operation.  Some soldering might be required.

The main kit consists of the following parts:

  •  Main board PCB with FCC approved WiFi module
  •  Airdata sensor PBCs
  • Wind vane with electronic pickup
  • Anemometer with electronic pickup
  • Wind tree PVC kit with CAT5 distribution PCB.
  • USB power supply 5V stabilized

Potentially additionally needed:

  • Cat5 cable for interconnect to wind tree
  • Gill type radiation shield or FARS .
  • Self emptying rain bucket.
  • PIR sensor modules for motion alarm .d
  • Solar Panel & battery for off grid operation.
  • 3G/4G MiFi hotspot for off grid operation.