Bootstrap via Windows PC utility

Connecting  the station to the PC via USB requires a Virtual Com Port device driver (VCP) provided by Silicon Labs. Follow this link and download/install the driver appropriate for your  Windows system.  In case you connected the station before you installed the driver you might have to update or uninstall the device first in order for the OS to find it on the next connect. Note: Windows 7 and Linux OS’s find the driver automatically as long the machine is connected to the internet.

Using the provided Windows application WX_Bootstrap.exe setup  is straight forward. The program searches for a connected weather station, then lets you enter your WiFi’s SSID and Password and programs the station. Note that both the driver installer and the bootstrap utility are non signed applications and you will get notified by Windows to that effect.  You will need to click the “continue anyway” option to install and run these items.

Follow these steps:

  • Install the USB device driver from  this linkOr wait until the OS finds the driver itself.
  • Download the  WX_Bootstrap.exe program and unzip it to your hard-disk.
  • Connect the station via the USB connector and wait until the plug-and play process has found the hardware.
  • Issue a Factory Reset on the hardware as detailed here.   This is necessary only once .
  • Start WX_Bootstap.exe  and observe the status line, it should display the COM port the device is located at.
  • Enter your WiFi Station ID (SSID) and WPA/WPA2 Password.  You get these from your router.
  • Click the Program button and observe the progress window and status line.  ( * see note below).
  • Wait for the prescribed amount of time !

After clicking Program the station will reset and encrypt the password . This takes  between 30 and 60 seconds during which the green LED blinks impatiently. Do not be impatient.

Once the connection has established, the LED will start flashing at a 1 second interval.  In case the LED still blinks rapidly after a full one minute, press the reset button on the station and wait another minute.

Once the WiFi connection is established, you can connect to the web interface using a web browser and continue the rest of the setup through its native interface.

A board discovery utility is included in the file. Use the Java application TCPIP_Discovery.jar to discover the stations  Netbios name and IP address. You can click on the IP address or Netbios field and  your web browser will open with the  web interface of the station. The java run time environment must be installed on the PC to execute the .jar file. If the station doesn’t show up in the discovery tool then press reset momentarily on the station while the discovery tool is running and it will show up when the station is finished booting. 

The default Netbios name of a station is http://wxboard/

See here for ways to find your station on the network

*) On older hardware you will have to enter the configuration mode manually by pressing the Reset and S1  button using the sequence indicated in the prompts, then click Program again.