Leaking Wind Vane

It has come to my attention that a few wind vanes might develop water leaks which leads to the destruction of the sensor electronics  within.

The water enters along the  shaft at the very top  where it is pressed into the vane itself.  A small scratch in the press fit,  possibly caused by the pressing in of the axle itself  can cause water to wick from the top to the bottom.

To remedy the potential for leakage it is suggested to cover the end of axle where it comes through the plastic with either some UV stable epoxy or with a dab of hot glue.  Also a small drop of thin superglue applied to the top will eliminate the issue.    We are going to use superglue followed by black hot glue for the time being until we figure out what causes the internal scratch in the press-fit.

I also like to stress the point that it is important to wrap the joint where the sensor body and PVC adapter from the wind intersect with electrical tape. Start below the joint and work your way up, overlapping 1/2 of the electrical tape width each turn.


2015-06-16 08.55.59







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