A very nice setup at the RC-model airfield

Here some pictures from an installation in Germany at a RC model  airfield,  near where I grew up.

1410014370358 The system runs entirely on solar and battery and reports through a WiFi hotspot located at the clubhouse from where this picture was taken.

Wolfgang  did a bang up job of  designing the enclosure and installing the kit out on the wind sock pole.  A small solar panel/battery is providing the power to the station on the pole and a bigger panel/battery is providing the power for the WiFi hot spot and associated webcam.

The setup reports to PWS weather.com, here is a link to see what the weather has been doing there:  http://www.pwsweather.com/obs/OBERT.html# .

20140902_161613 The electronics and battery are contained in the box at the base of the pole.  Very solid looking installation, the Luftwaffe would be proud of it.


20140902_161641 Wolfgang, who did the installation for the model club, has an established business in the RC industry involving  telemetry devices for RC gliders.  Check it out here at his online store.  http://www.wstech.de/






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