Arduino based LCD display for Wind Instruments.

IMG_20140602_085412I have been working on a separate wind speed and direction instrument  based on an Arduino controller and a simple numeric LCD display. The Arduino is hooked up to a rotary knob encoder  to allow configuration  for the RPM  factor and impulse count of the attached anemometer.  The vane input is a simple 5V range ADC input and the firmware can learn the range and offset from the vane output.

The display updates at a one-second interval with a 10 minute window for gust peaks.  With the 8 pole opto- interrupter in the anemometer the resolution is about 0.3Mph.

I designed this as a handy tool to check out the function of wind trees and because of that I have not made a housing for it, but if there is interest, I could create an Arduino shield and maybe add a Barometer/Temp sensors plus a SD card to the mix to make it something a storm tracker could put together.

Documentation and Arduino Sketch can be found here



4 thoughts on “Arduino based LCD display for Wind Instruments.

    • That’s the mini station I’m interested in : I don,t want to go to internet to see live data. For me just add the temp and humidity and I can take car of the housing … tel me as soon as it’s available.

      • I’m hoping to get back to this Arduino version soon, so I can finish and document it properly. I have been busy with other projects lately and it has been sitting in the back of the bench. Gary

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