In preperation for Soil Moisture recording, added new Upload destination.

In preparation of adding soil moisture data points to the stations capabilities I have been on the search for a suitable data ingestion service that can handle soil data.  While most of the upload protocols spell out parameters for soil data  most of them simply ignore what you send. — Less than optimal!

Wundergound does take the soil parameters and it actually displays them on their  “Current Observation” page, but it appears that they don’t store the readings, or at least they don’t provide a means to graph or download the reported data back from them.  So that’s about as useful as looking at a wet rock outside to find out if it rains or not.

Enter the MetOffice from Great Britain .  Their WOW (Weather Observation Website) is running a weather data ingestion engine not unlike Weather Underground except minus all the   commercials and advertisements.  MetOffice-WOW,  being a  UK government affair seems to ask all the right questions when signing up for a station too.  Much more detail about the siting of that device can be given and station recordings can also be entered or added in manually if you have parameters that are not measured automatically, i.e. Visibility, Cloud coverage. etc.

I modified the firmware of the station  now to include WOW as a upload destination and will observe the reading of the soil moisture probe for a while.    Soil moisture is not easy to measure if you want to measure it for <$50 ….




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