A cheap anemometer maybe?

home_depot_anemometer So I was at Home Depot the other day and I spotted what look like a bunch of shiny anemometers on the roof line .

About 10 of these evenly spaced  along the front edge  of the building.   I thought to myself, why do they need 10 weather stations at Home Depot and went inside looking for a manager to question.

These are bird deterrents I was told, they are called Make Em Move Flock Reflectors and keep birds from messing up the place.

I thought I hit the jackpot for cheap anemometer parts, figuring that  since they are sold at Home Depot they must be cheap.  Until I was at home and looked up the price on their website that was..

At $65 for one, that’s just about the same as for the Inspeed sensors that come with a machined two part  housing, ball bearings, electronic pickup and  wind tunnel data.

So much for that idea, but I feel a lot better about the price of the Inspeed sensor now.








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