Up-link to CWOP/APRS, PWS-WeatherForYou and WX_bug added

I spent the better part of the last two weeks implementing the upload protocols for various weather data ingestion systems.  It was not a walk in the park, not because it was a difficult task, but because of the lack of proper documentation, conflicting documentation or simply outdated documentation.  There was a reason why I initially only did the Weather Underground upload, I could find the documentation, it made sense and worked from the get go.

With much help and  tribal knowledge the deed is done and the  stations are feeding data to CWOP/APRS, Weather Bug and PWS-WeatherForYou in addition to weather Underground now. Of the three new services I like CWOP the best  as it feeds into MESO-WEST, stations in good standing are even picked up by Weather Underground as well.

For PWS and WX bug I could not find an online automatically updating  weather display, similar to the “sticker” from WU or the station panel at Findu.com for a CWOP station.  It  might be somewhere but after hours of searching through the respective websites I finally gave up.



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