WiFi Range

So, people have been asking about the range that one can expect out of the WiFi transceiver on the station without having to go to an external antenna. So far I just knew that I could not get out of reach within my property. Yesterday I did a quick test here in town with a portable station and the net gear router sitting on the window sill.

At 250 yards I still had -83db from the station when I held it  pointing in one direction and -90db when holding it perpendicular to that.   There was no problem in communicating with the web interface in either position.

WiFi range This test of course is not conclusive nor complete, but as a quick rule of thumb it’s at least as good as my laptop is.  I will have to do the range test again in a more rural setting , as 250 yards  is about the largest distance I can go from my house while still maintaining line of sight.   I expect maybe 300-400 yards in a true line of sight setting, without bushes and cars in between.  There is an version of the radio module that has an external antenna option, and I think that with a Yagi antenna you probably get twice that far.



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