A practical, nice looking and weatherproof enclosure.

For the people who have been asking about a good way of mounting the main PCB on the outside of the house , here is a good option.

IMG_20140123_111642  The enclosure in the picture is an “In use cover” for outside electrical outlets or switches. They are produced by many companies and come with different height covers,  in see-through or gray. They are meant as a water proof covers,  so that a plug fits inside and stays dry while the wire feeds through a rubber gasket on the bottom. The cover can be secured with a padlock but otherwise opens up easily.

The one I liked the best is made by Thomas & Betts and is called reddot, Code Keeper, Extra Duty.  There are 3 different versions of it, small, medium and large. The small version seems to work the best.  I found these at the local Home Depot store for about $6.

To mount the station PCB you need to drill 4 holes in the back of the housing and use some spacers to mount the board about 1.5″ up from the  bottom of the box.  I just happened to have some 1.250 by 0.25 aluminum spacers laying around from another project, so the installation went quick.  Mounting the board on spacers allows for room in behind for cabling and allows you to plug in the USB cable without having to take the board out of the box. IMG_20140123_111716

In the picture on the right you see the wasp guard where the cables go through. That should hopefully keep the critters out. There is a good neoprene seal all around the back, so if you screw this box to the side of your house the inside should stay dry and clean.



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