While waiting for parts …

While waiting for mechanical parts from china I have been working together with the owner of Inspeed on combining his mechanical parts with my electronics. Progress has been made and we have put together a version of his latest running hardware with the solid state sensors.  His design for the anemometer uses a sapphire IMG_1495-001 bearing like they used in Swiss watches  and therefore runs virtually drag free since the sensor itself does not add any drag being optical.  The hardware is of excellent quality and the cups  are stout, so they should last a hurricane or two.

I ran some tests on it to check the calibration value.  Using the calibration factor provided by Inspeed ,  the device read spot on during a run at  5 and 65 Mph.

Mounting of the sensors  to the 3/4 PVC pipe of the wind tree will be accomplished with a modified PVC fitting that receives the endcap of the housing and is held in place  by two set screws.  The joint is then wrapped with vinyl tape to make sure no moisture can get into the wiring inside the PVC wind  tree. Other mounting options can be envisioned.

DSC01582The wind vane is using the same housing as the anemometer but with a stainless steel trust bearing instead. This allows for the solid state magnetic wind direction encoder to fit nicely into the sensor cavity and the magnet attached to the axle to spin freely above it, also virtually drag free. The vane is stout and well balanced. It should keep its head and  tail on  even in gale  fore winds.

Price has not been set yet, but it looks to be around $75 each, some assembly required. Good mechanical parts don’t come cheap unfortunately.


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