Wind Sensor progress


I know it has been a while since last update, but I have been busy working on a better solution for the wind speed and direction sensors. In the past  I have used PVC pipe fittings to mount the vane and anemometer, but because of ever varying tolerances on these plumbing parts it proved to time consuming and unreliable to proceed with that approach.  So I decided to design a proper housing  that can use the Davis Instrument spinning parts and still mounts on a 3/4 PVC pipe.  What I came up with is a two part housing that uses dual stainless steel bearings to provide minimal friction. The top has a lip that goes up inside the rotor to provide a dust seal. The bottom has a hole and fits right over the PVC pipe.

The picture above shows the prototype Anemometer, but the same housing is used for the vane as well.

Here is a picture from the open sensorIMG_0625:

The  top and the bottom part  are recessed into each other and are held together with a section of Gorilla tape or aluminum tape.  The housings with the PCBs are going to be around $55 to 60 each , as it turns out bearings and machined parts are not cheap, not even in China. The first batch of the housings are being machined  and I should have some in a few weeks.


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